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  1. Head to the green

    Sensors detect you're taking your putter and wedge

  2. Pitch onto the green

    Lightweight club units never affect your swing

  3. Set the wedge aside

    While you're putting, club catcher is keeping track of your clubs

  4. Return your putter, forget your wedge

    Club Catcher never forgets, giving you peace of mind

  5. Get Alert

    The app lets you know about your wedge before you go to the next hole

Installing Your Club Catcher

  • Screw your Club Catcher units into your clubs' grips
  • Download the free app from the App Store or Play Store
  • Open your app and register each club unit with a club name
  • Enable bluetooth and notifications (no network connection needed)
  • Stop worrying about losing clubs, start focusing on your handicap
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Engineered Protection

What's happening behind the scenes

  • Club units use light and angle sensors to determine whether a club is IN or OUT of your bag
  • Each unit sends its IN/OUT status to the free app on your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • By keeping track of clubs going in and out of your bag, the app can determine when you've accidentally left one behind
  • When the app notices you've left a club behind, it gives you a notification on your phone and smartwatch before you go to the next hole
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