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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started using Club Catcher?

Follow this one-time process to set up your club units with your clubs.

NOTE: If you're not in bright light while registering clubs, when you take a club (with Club Catcher unit installed) out of your golf bag to register it, hold it up to a light, or shine a flashlight on it, to have it show up in the app.

Video of setup instructions here

  1. Download the mobile app here.
  2. Select which clubs you will install Club Catcher on.
    1. Note, if you don't keep your phone in your pocket while playing, you should install a club unit on your putter.  For more information on that, see How does Club Catcher work?
  3. Screw each club unit into the grip of a selected club and then put that club into your golf bag.
    1. Hold the black portion of the club unit as you screw it in. If you hold the gray cap it will turn relative to the black portion - this causes no harm but will not help you screw it into the grip.
    2. Keep screwing in each club unit until its bottom edge is flush with the top surface of the grip.
    3. If you have a grip without a normal hole to screw a club unit into, you can use our special club unit in a silicone sleeve that slips over the end of your grip, here
  4. Now with all club units installed on clubs and all these clubs in your bag, tap “Register Clubs” or “Register Another Club”.
  5. Remove one of the clubs with a club unit on it from your bag. You’ll see it show up in the Select Device page of the app as “unregistered” and “OUT”.
  6. Tap that device in the app, and then select the corresponding club name from the list, or give it your own name by typing into the box.
  7. Tap Register.
  8. Put that club back into the bag.
  9. Repeat steps 4-8 until all clubs with club units are registered.
  10. Tap Play.

Note: next time you start the app it will go directly into Play mode. If you want to change settings or register more club units, tap Pause. Then don’t forget to tap Play again.

What is Club Catcher?

Club Catcher consists of lightweight sensor devices that screw into your club grips and communicate with a free app on your phone to alert you if you leave a club behind, before you go on to the next hole without it.

Also see our About page, and for more technical details see "How does Club Catcher work?" below.

What's the story with lost golf clubs, and how does Club Catcher solve it?

 See the infographic on our homepage.

Where can I buy Club Catcher?

 See our Product page.

Do I need an app to use Club Catcher?

 Yes, and it's completely free – get it from our downloads page.

Do I need any special equipment to use Club Catcher?

 No, Club Catcher simply screws into your existing grips.

What if I have a SuperStroke or some other grip without a normal hole to screw club units into?

If your grip does not have a normal hole to screw a club unit into (for example some SuperStroke putter grips with threaded caps) you can use our special club unit in a silicone sleeve that slips over the end of your grip, here

Will Club Catcher affect my swing?

No, Club Catcher units are very lightweight and located at the ends of your grips at the swing fulcrum, so you'll never notice they're there, and they won't affect your swing.

Where do I send questions and comments?

 We'd love to hear from you, please contact us

How does Club Catcher work?

Lightweight devices (club units) screw into the grips of whichever clubs you want to protect.

Each one contains a light sensor, an accelerometer, a microcontroller, and a bluetooth radio. The club units send bluetooth signals to let the app know their status, including whether they're in or out of the golf bag. The app uses these signals as inputs to algorithms that determine when you've accidentally left a club behind, and then gives you an alert (audible and/or vibration).

What is Standard Mode?

Standard Mode should be used if you do not keep your phone in your pocket while you play (and may also be used if you do keep your phone in your pocket).

Since your clubs can get quite far away from your phone in normal play, Standard Mode does not depend on location or distance from a club, as that would give many false alarms.

Instead Standard Mode monitors the sequence and timing of clubs going in and out of the bag, and uses this to determine when you've left one behind.

For proper functionality it requires club units on your putter plus at least one other club.

Why do I need club units on my putter plus at least one other club in Standard Mode?

You might be wondering, since you don't have a problem leaving your putter behind, why should you have a club unit on your putter plus at least one other club in Standard Mode. The reason is that in the most common lost-club scenario, Club Catcher will know that you left a club behind when you finish your hole and return your putter, but you don't return another club you took out with the putter, often a wedge. In other words, returning your putter acts as a trigger to let Club Catcher know that one or more other clubs should also be returned. For Club Catcher to help you in this scenario you need club units on your putter as well as on the club(s) left behind.

If you keep your phone in your pocket (i.e. on your person) while you play, you can use Pocket Mode (see description below) which does not require a club unit on your putter.

What is Pocket Mode?

Pocket Mode should only be used if you keep your phone in your pocket while you play. In that case, if a club is taken out of the bag and then gets far away from your phone, it's likely you've left that club behind, and Club Catcher alerts you.

Pocket Mode thus works properly with a Club Catcher device on any one or more clubs.

What is the Return Timer?

The return timer is active in Standard Mode. It gives you time, after you return a club, to return any others you have in use; if you don’t, you’ll get an alarm.

What is the Removal Timer?

The removal timer is active in Standard Mode. It gives you time to select your clubs before counting clubs as “in use”. If you remove a club and then return it before this timer expires, it won’t trigger the return timer.

What is the Pocket Timer?

The pocket timer is active in Pocket Mode. If a club is taken out of the bag and then no signal is received from it for longer than this time, you’ll get an alarm.

What is the Max Timer?

The max timer is active in Standard Mode. If any club is out of the bag for longer than this time, you’ll get an alarm.

Can I set the timer values?

Yes, you can in the app's Settings page.

What are the Play and Pause buttons for in the app?

Select Play to enable lost-club alerts. If you already have clubs registered, next time you start the app it will automatically go into Play mode.

Tap Pause to register more clubs or change settings. If you are paused you will not get any lost club alerts, so remember to tap Play again.

Can I leave the app open while I’m not playing, and can I leave the app in Play mode?

Yes to both. It is fine to leave the app open while you’re not playing. And it is fine to leave it in Play mode while you’re not playing.

If you are at the driving range or practice green, you might want to tap Pause to take the app out of Play mode so you don’t get false alarms. Then just make sure you're in Play mode again once you're on the course. 

When I start the app, why don’t I see my clubs connected?

To conserve batteries, club units only connect with the app by bluetooth when they need to. For example, if you take a club (with club unit) out of the bag it will connect with the app and show up as OUT. Then when you put it back in the bag it will show as IN. Later it will go to sleep and disconnect, but will still show as IN. The IN/OUT status is preserved as long as you have the app open, regardless of whether the club units are connected. But when you first start the app, the clubs have no IN/OUT status until the first time they connect. This is the correct behavior.

Tell me about the batteries

Are batteries included?

Yes, each club unit you buy comes with a pre-installed CR2032 coin cell battery.

How long do the batteries last in the club units?

For most golfers, the batteries will last over two years.

Can the batteries be replaced?

Yes, the batteries are the commonly available CR2032 coin cell type, and they are user-replaceable.

How do I know when to replace the battery in a club unit?

You should replace the battery when you get a low-battery warning in the app for that club unit.

How do I replace a club unit battery?

  1. Use a coin or a wide flat-head screwdriver in the notch of the club unit enclosure to pry off the cap.
  2. Remove the PCB (printed circuit board) from the enclosure.
  3. Remove the old battery from the clip on the PCB.
  4. Gently slide new CR2032 battery under clip on the PCB, with the positive side (large flat side) of the battery facing away from the PCB.
  5. Place PCB back into black portion of enclosure, with PCB facing up away from grip, and battery facing down toward grip.
  6. Snap cap back onto enclosure.