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5 Million Clubs Are Lost Annually.

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Club Catcher 2 Pack

Get started with your putter and one other club

Club Catcher 4 Pack

Bundle and save, for your putter and 3 other clubs

SuperStroke Club Unit

Silicone sleeve fits over grips that have no hole for a screw

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The mobile app communicates with Club Catcher sensors so you never leave another club behind.

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Interested In Being A
Brand Ambassador?

What Our Customers Are Saying

I’ve used it only once, but glad I had it. Saved my wedge!!!

Larry Detroit, MI

This is a great thing if you have ever left any clubs or lost some. It will definitely let you know and the people who sold this to me at the PGA show were very helpful anytime I called getting it set up

Joe Daytona Beach, FL

This product is made for me as I left my 52 degree wedge on the practice or prior hole green not once, not twice, but 5 times during my golf league last season. Now a loud and persistent alarm goes off on my phone which I leave in the golf cart anytime one of my wedges is separated from my putter as I drive away. No more frustration of holding my group up

Ken Fenton, MI

Very easy to setup and use. Non intrusive. (key!) Super helpful. I can't count the number of times I have left my wedge at a previous hole. I hate wasting time going back for it. Easily worth the money. Let my friend borrow one, now she wants one!

Matt San Diego, CA

Product works great

William Parlin, NJ

Easy to set up app and link clubs. Finally moved into the 21st century beyond name labels to an app to remind you if you left that club on the edge of the green.

Steven Seminole, FL

I have been around golf for 50 years and truly innovative products are rare that are helpful and not gimmicks that end up in a closet. Your club catchers are truly helpful and innovative.

Steven Seminole, FL

My buddies that I play golf with think it is a good idea.

Steve Corinth, TX

After losing my PXG wedge twice, and being lucky with the golf course ranger finding the club (tipping him $20.00 each time). I found the best solution… Club Catcher! The club’s ranger isn’t happy, but I’m certainly happy! Thanks, Club Catcher.

Rikk West Palm Beach, FL

This is not my first endorsement for Club Catcher, I just can’t tell you how much I like this product. You can concentrate on your game and not worry about remembering your clubs. I started off with a set of 4, I now have the main 8 clubs in my bag protected. My fellow golfers are jealous…. So I guess I now know what to get them for their birthday!

Rikk West Palm Beach, FL

I have really enjoyed it

Eric Georgetown, KY

You can read my full review here:

Adam Lemont, IL

The club catcher has saved me a few times from losing a wedge that I would normally leave behind and have already had to replace.

Justin Rockland, MA

For those who sometimes leave their wedge on the green, this product completely prevents it. It is so easy to setup and it works perfectly. The catchers are the same width as a standard grip so they don’t affect your swing and are barely noticeable. I also use a Bluetooth speaker in the cart. If you leave a club behind, my watch, phone and speaker alert me of the Club being out of the bag. You can even select from a ton of alert sounds in the app. It is pretty much fail proof. I highly recommend Club Catchers to all my golfing friends.

Kendall Flower Mound, TX

Having left and lost clubs I felt this would be a good deterrent. Guess what it did the first time I used it. Got in my cart ready to leave a green and wham it worked I left a wedge on the green.

Michael St. Augustine, FL