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Club Catcher

$49 $39 / SuperStroke with free shipping

Note: SuperStroke club units are enclosed in a silicone sleeve that fits over the top of SuperStroke grips (with counterweight fitting) or any other grip without a regular hole to screw a club unit into.

Lightweight sensors and a free mobile app alert you when you leave a club behind.

It just works, so you can spend more time enjoying the course, honing your shots, whatever golf means to you.

How to set up

  1. Screw Club Catcher units into your club grips
  2. Download the Free App from App Store or Play Store
  3. Register each club in the app


  • Light sensors and angle sensors determine whether each club is IN or OUT of your bag.
  • Club units communicate their IN/OUT status to your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • The free mobile app (iOS and Android) monitors each club’s status to determine when you’ve left one behind, and gives you an alert before you go to the next hole.
  • Works with smartwatches.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Michael Castagno
Great idea

Having left and lost clubs I felt this would be a good deterrent. Guess what it did the first time I used it. Got in my cart ready to leave a green and wham it worked I left a wedge on the green.

Saved me a few times

The club catcher has saved me a few times from losing a wedge that I would normally leave behind and have already had to replace.

Truly helpful and innovative

Easy to set up app and link clubs. Finally moved into the 21st century beyond name labels to an app to remind you if you left that club on the edge of the green.

As a side note, have been around golf for 50 years and truly innovative products are rare that are helpful and not gimmicks that end up in a closet.

Your club catchers are truly helpful and innovative.


My buddies that I play golf with think it is a good idea


I have really enjoyed it